Live and Let Crap - lskdfjowkd11

Live and Let Crap - lskdfjowkd11
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Condition: Crappy, of course


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It starts…

Well that was easy!

New crap picture.
Woot’s really changed since Amazon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! scored one early! Missed out on GOT one’s…those were supah hard! Supah stoked!

Haha! I survived the VOP!

That was some short-lived crap!

Yes! A sudden bag nabbed suddenly!

Got one!

Pre-west-coast-wakey-wakey luck?

got one! ohh excited for my spouse to yell at me “not again!”.

Good Ol VoP. I have never successfully gotten a BoC after entering the VoP!

Dang job … was in a meeting when this crap appeared.

Guess I don’t need to pay attention too much more today, but after the month we’ve had here in Charlottesville, VA, I’ll keep an eye out on the rest of today’s wine offers.


Best day of my life I won a BOC…Thank you TT

Missed it

Got stuck in the VOP. Oh well, I’ll check in from time to time today.

But you paid for it. Now, if you get a letter, you won.