Live Not On Evil Woot Info Post
naughty but

Live Not On Evil [Lurking Underneath] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Asphalt Woot Tee

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Chris Dixon is my hero.

now that’s cracked out

I greatly approve.

This used to be a cemetary?? You only moved the headstones! You didn’t move the bodies!!

When unclean emissions go wild…

oh boy… I get the feeling the vote totals will be tight again.

Well now this is a surprise.

Perhaps my prediction of a Drakxxx/patrickspens/cmdixon2 weekend wasn’t so far-fetched.

In for one. :smiley:

And this whole time I thought China was on the other side.

That’s pretty awesome. Especially good timing since I’m watching Mulan right now. Hopefully this Dragon doesn’t sound like Eddie Murphy.

Maybe they should just move to Panama; there, they just have to deal with a man, a plan, and a canal.

Awesome mose wa!

Awesome. Definitely one of the best. :slight_smile: Hooray!

O shnap! Congrats Cmdixon!

I’m curious about the type of wood one burns to create dragon shaped smoke.

That’s kind of like the cigarette smoke shaped like a poisonous snake… SURE second hand smoke is deadly but it looks AWESOME!

I like this but can’t buy it after yesterday’s shirt… Thar be no monkeys on it.

Congratulations nonetheless.

:smiley: <–Smileyface… Because I can.

Its pretty scenic. Maybe too scenic. I don’t want birds flying at mu chest.

I am SO Happy this won. YAY!

In for one. :slight_smile:

Apparently if you live on evil then a giant smoke dragon will appear from your chimney and attempt to devour your house. This is a bit frightening. I hope that when I eventually own a house, I don’t live on top of an evil world… oh wait.

Congrats on an awesome design Chris.
Love the atmosphere that’s portrayed with the colors, and as I mentioned before, the smoke stack dragon is to cool for words.