Live Slow Never Die

Quick! Someone tweet Kristen Bell!

Love this. Sloth is looking like there could be no better game ; )

Just chillin’ it.

Dave must have gone to the Sloth Gym to learn gymnastics. He got the hang of that lava contest hands up.

Everyone knows you don’t stand in stupid… how many times do I have to repeat myself?!

I check Woot! shirt! every day, mostly to reaffirm my ignorance and, as a gauge to measure and adjust my meds dosages.
Today, as most days, I read the comments about a shirt that I don’t understand and wonder if the comments made by seemingly intelligent Wooters are really just random words strung together in a concatenated litany of code derived by a society of which I’m obviously not included.
Quick, someone tweet Sigmund Freud! :-/
Is this what old age looks like? The horror!
Aside from that I really like sloths and lava is super cool too! Liquid rocks, rock!

I thought this was a reference to the game played on the TV show “New Girl,” with Zooey Deschanel. I don’t get the Kristen Bell reference. Anyway, the coed apt. dwellers in “New Girl” play this crazy drinking game, the floor is lava.

Kristen Bell just likes sloths. And floor-is-lava has been a long-standing kid game, I suppose it would also be good for drunks.

I think it’s bizarre that, even before the Internet, most all kids everywhere knew about “the floor is lava”. We would even jump between rows of round hay bales because “the ground was lava”. I suppose TV put it in our heads…

Back in my day we’d jump around like grasshoppers who need more Ritalin, pretending the ground was made of lava. Course back then the ground WAS lava because the earths crust had not yet solidified. And that’s the way it was, and we LIKED it!.

This is how much Kristen Bell likes sloths.


I’ll just put this here

This will soon be a playable video game.