Live Wire


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Bah! Missed this shirt? To buy it, click here!


ehh im in! lol


Humorous design. I don’t need one but I do like the concept.


Oh my god, what’s wrong with it’s neck?!


I like it. In for one


REALLY cool! nicely done! too bad I own too many shirts =(


funny, but I wouldn’t wear it.


I love how my posts get deleted like, 3 seconds after I put them up.

It’s classy!


Aww, I feel sorry for the dinosaur! :frowning:


Loving the colors used here, and the design is cool. In for one!


looks very cool. but… would I wear it?


Huh, for once I like a daily right away. And it’s on a light colored shirt. I’m going to have to seriously consider this. However, if I get it, I’ll have to describe it by saying “she has a dinosaur puppy but he’s too tall!”


This is a pretty cool shirt. A lot of those lately from the dailies
nice nice work


I would consider buying this for my little cousin Victoria… but i don’t think it works for an adult.

my two bits.


that’s a good one

but alas, i’m broke


exactly what i was thinking, it looks like it’s snapped or something


I’ll pass, if it’s a shirt I wouldn’t wear out in public, I generally don’t buy. Cute design tho.


Awww poor little pet dino! This design is so awesome in its originality and execution. Congrats to the artist, very cool work. :slight_smile:


Interesting shading. I wonder how large the dots are?