Liven up a little - TEH PWNAGE THREAD


Were going to make a pwnage thread, I will start by posting a pic (not too big guys) and the next poster has to post a pic that pwn mine! (ex. I post fire, you post water) the 3rd poster needs to post something that pwns the 2nd guys pic…




Sledgehammers beat the crap out of your little rock-paper-scissors.


Here’s a good picture. Find this book and learn how to use it.

“TEH PWNAGE THREAD” <---------That is so cool. How do you do it?


Who needs to read when you can look at pictures!


Excuse me, but is this going the way you had envisioned?


To answer for TheSiege440 (as he seems to have disappeared), I’m going to go ahead and say “no” but, I wasn’t the first to deviate from the plan. Now someone needs to pwn (or how ever they spell it) my sexy image.