LIVESTRONG 3 Cup Jasmine Cermaic Teapot

LIVESTRONG 3 Cup Jasmine Cermaic Teapot

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1 Chantal L92-TP20JYG LS 3 Cup Jasmine Ceramic Teapot w/ Lid


Woot shall LIVESTRONG!

SuXage overload!

Because when I think Lance Armstrong, I think Jasmine!

Lance must’ve visited Woot recently and been like, here, take my stuff! I don’t need it anymore!

haha…didnt someone comment on the livestrong honey comb and say “what’s next livestrong tea set?”

I was joking before, but now I’m worried that a LIVESTRONG pepper-grinder is going to pop up and I’m going to have buy one.

Woot: I could use a LIVESTRONG toilet brush and a LIVESTRONG spatula if you have any of those in the warehouse.

This would be really useful for staying up all night waiting for the bag of crap

coffie is next watch

Whatever with the stuff, awesome wootoff… things are flying =) can’t wait to see what’s next…

Pardon me, does this “cermaic” teapot come with Lance’s works that he used to take roids?
Now that would be a keepsake! (btw how many times can you spell ceramic wrong?)

I really hate it when there is no wootalyzer to help me no if i missed soemthing great or merely okay. Thanks for filling in