Livestrong Golden Yellow 1.8 Quart Whistling Teakettle

Will it work with a mac?

Does this kettle cure cancer?


Argh…I was really hoping for the LiveStrong Toilet Brush.

I’m waiting for the coffee mugs for my husband. i’ll probably miss them though.

I don’t drink Tea WOOT! what am I suppose to do with this besides maybe clobber some zombies during the Zombie Apocalypse


Is this useable with a camping stove?

This is a joke, right?

If I drank tea, I would purchase this. It’s yellow, and that makes me feel indifferent.

Will this scare the water into boiling faster?


This Woot Off is brought to you by the color yellow and special guest Lance Armstrong.

This is also the best tea kettle ever for a Coldplay fan.

Think about it.

What’s up with all the Livestrong stuff today?

This teapot looks kinda cool, but (a) I don’t need a teakettle at the moment and (b) I don’t think I can handle the yellow.

Tea Kettles, great for throwing boiling water on people and bashing zombies. Whats the other thing that they can be used to make… Starts with a T…

Why would it need to be freezer safe?

i feel these yellow bellies might be in some bags o coffee???

Any of the sale proceeds actually being donated towards cancer research?