Livestrong Latte Band Mug - 2 Pack

I sense a trend here

In case anyone is wondering what “Livestrong” is all about. Here is a link:

ummmm… this is unexpected.

They still sell Livestrong stuff?
Yellow bands went from being cool to kind of douchey…

I wish they had these in travel mugs.

What im curious about is do the proceeds go to cancer patients/research?

recently noticed someone trying to revive this at school to with shirts and junk.

Awesome, now I can put a mug that I won’t drink out of next to the rubber bracelet that I don’t wear

Didn’t someone just post a comment about a Livestrong tea set under the Livestrong honey pot thread? Clairvoyant.

If a LIVESTRONG pepper-grinder comes up in the next hour I am ALL OVER IT.

Ok, I did not stay awake for cups!!! let’s see what’s next… I’ll buy one set just to get them off woot buy some more =)

I’ve had cancer twice and still on I woot. I think I’m gonna order me a set of these.


Better coffee mugs at the local Goodwill for 50 cents

Poop! Instead of posting, I should have been ordering.

Nice mugs that stand for a good cause!