Here’s a video review from youtube for everyone

I can’t wait to see the comments on this one.

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Here’s a review that gives a good comparison of the two models. They’re in the two right-most columns.

When ya can’t Livestrong ya Cheatstrong.

So does this have a secret secondary battery or something that I can activate in the middle of my exercise routine to make it perform better?

Does this come with the performance-enhancing drugs its sponsor used? (Someone had to ask)

Hard to believe that the copy writers didn’t make any Armstrong references. Must have been a corporate dictate - no making fun of Livestrong.

Fortunately, we are not so constrained.

I think this treadmill will under report your time and distance to mask your PED usage.

Unload the LiveStrong product! All aboard!

These will be free on Black Friday to the first 1000 customers…

Does it have a downhill mode so I can run faster than I normally do?

Does this thing have a lie detector option?

Ok, I expect there will a lot of off topic posts, just keep them clean.

I have a delete link and I’m not afraid to use it.

I think there is mis-statement in the description:

“LIVESTRONG® Foundation supports 28 million people living with cancer today”

This item has nothing to do with the foundation, which is This contraption comes from, which is a money scheming site that tries to use the foundation’s name and profit from it…with the money going to 4rmstrong himself.

In fact, the foundation scheme was concocted up by 4rmstrong and his sport agent to make him a household name and become as marketable as ever:

[MOD: Actually, they are related.]

Do we submit a sample for the manufacturer to do the type and cross-match for our blood? Or do all treadmills ship with O negative?

I was thinking about buying one as a gift, but the surprise will be ruined when I ask the birthday girl for a vial of blood and have to explain.

$999.99 tonight.
Product webpage:
with 3 reviews.

collection of review links:

and one store website that’s seemed trustworthy in reviews for treadmills on the company in general:

and this treadmill: (edit)

and of course, him:

P.S. No, I’m not a fan of his, but everyone now has their visual target.

From what I understand you can use this and lose weight, but 10 years later you find out it just slapped a girdle on you.

These should be illegal to sell. Mr. Doper should be forced to cover all costs for every single one on the market and have them donated to schools in low income areas.

Naaaah. Go ahead and ask for the vial of blood. Tell her it’s a Billy Bob and Angelina thing and you’re gonna wear it on a chain around your neck. You’ll be fine. Girls always like exercise equipment for their birthday. Then she can ask you if the treadmill makes her butt look fat.

Ok, now that was kinda funny.

Is this the Oprah Edition? Does it come in Lie-m green? Do we get the special vitamin water bottle too?