Livestrong Short & Stout Band Mug – 4 Pack

It seems as though every WootOff has a theme, and this one’s is obviously Livestrong.

Don’t get me wrong - it’s a great organization that I’ve supported in the past!

(Wow - it only took me 5 years to get a first post. I can now cross that one off my bucket list.)

Yes, because when I think morning coffee…I think nut cancer.

Man, you just know all this Livestrong stuff was just sitting in a warehouse collecting dust for ages.

Short and stout? But they aren’t little teapots…

My Mug Manifesto is a vi cheat sheet.

to go with the matching urine-yellow tea set?

Woot never ceases to amaze me

Save us from yet another Livestrong product, please w00tgods! Give them to your local homeless shelter and take the tax deduction!!!

I, for one, am not too nuts about this whole Livestrong thingy.

No BOC yet? YES! lives well

I appreciate those that had the balls to sell this out quick.

Me too, I was getting testy.

4 cups = $3.25 per cup
8 cups = $2.63 per cup
12 cups = $2.41 per cup

That’s quick math, if you care about cups per dollar.

i can’t believe i missed this! i really really wanted this one! aargh! if anyone has this and changed their mind, PM me and i’ll buy from you. thanks!

That would be dollars per cup.