Livestrong Tea Collection Set

He’s back with friends!

In case you missed the individual pieces earlier…

Im not sure if I should laugh or not, first they sold all these items or most of them seperately, and now its in a cheaper to buy everything pack.

It’s like Winnie the Pooh’s tea set. Look, there’s even a honey dipper.


ROFL thinking about the people who only bought one piece of this set earlier in the woot-off!!!

really woot…ffs

Its yellow, but it IS short and stout!

And now… the set!

A cost-saving bonus :smiley:

Livestrong Tea Collection Set
$32.99 + $5 shipping

Condition: New
Products: 1 Livestrong Enamel-on-Steel Loop Teakettle
1 Livestrong Sugar/Honey Bowl w/ Dripper
2 Tea Mug with Ceramic Infuser


Does woot have a new affiliation with livestrong or something?

more yellow teapots? really? i thought green tea was in.

Ha, I’ll bet those of you who bought just the kettle earlier feel a little silly now! (or not…)

Is this steroid and HGH free?

Will this pot work with the light I just purchased?


raaah I want new things. Too many variants of this.

Why would anyone want this?