Living the dream!

Relaxed person, happy calm cat…it’s a good dream.

False representation! A cat (or dog) would have taken over the lower part of the couch looong before the owner is allowed to occupy it.

In my house, there would need to be a cat or dog ON me…then it would truly be accurate :slight_smile:

The cat is having a good dream.

THIS. Or in my case, TWO cats…

A cat does little more than loaf, hence “to live is to loaf”. The dream is to live the life of a cat.

It would be a nightmare at my house. My cat would jump off on my stomach while I slept.

And the other shirt I voted for! Ah! But I just bought the one yesterday…and I’m already nervous about the sizing of that one… I don’t want to end up with 2 wrong sized shirts…maybe I’ll have to wait til I get the first to see how it fits and then buy this as a made to order shirt…

Or, in my case, 3 cats! And, on the armrest? I don’t think so! On my lap, wondering who they have to knock off, to take over!


Come visit MY house, and see the “little dogs” getting chased away.


Same here. We named ours Cory & Topanga. =)

As long as its a dream, maybe dream up a longer couch, poor guy gonna be in pain when he wakes up.

Exactly what I was thinking. Plus, this shirt needs to be on some color other than bright green before I’ll buy it.

Yep There is my life. Except the cat is usually on my lap on my computer…

You guys keep talking about how the cat should be on the guy…but maybe being able to take a nap without the cat sitting on his chest is part of the dream he is living :wink:

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