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1 LivSure Water Tester

$4.99 + $5 shipping

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Quite a bit of info on the product’s webpage:

Not bad, might snag one for the paranoid wife.

$20 at

What does it tests exactly?

[EDIT] Found it on the product webpage:

So, it just tests particulate matter in the water? Reading is based on parts per million of whatever?

the worse part about drinking your own urine is the dissolved solids.
Get them low enough an it is clean to drink. There was a mythbusters and survival man about that.

The readings are based on the TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) level in the drinking water. Total Dissolved Solids are impurities found in the water. TDS’s can include salts, metals, lead, arsenic, byproducts from sewage, fertilizer, pesticides, and a variety of other impurities.

The IHP Water Tester measures the TDS level based on parts per million. The chart on the back of the device tells you what levels are considered “purified” (and to what extent), and what levels are considered unclean (and to what extent).

The EPA’s National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations advise a maximum contamination level (MCL) of 500 mg/liter or 500 parts per million (ppm) for TDS. It is not uncommon for a water supply to exceed this level. When TDS levels in the water exceed 1000 mg/L, it is generally considered unfit for human consumption. The IHP Water Tester measures TDS up to 999 ppm. Any water that reaches a reading this high should be considered unfit for human consumption.


So it tests for dissolved solids…but obviously it doesn’t know which dissolved solids are in there.

Might be fun to see it give the X for some Kool Aid.

so these are if you live in Downey, California

My wife is pretty picky about the water she drinks. We have a filter system at the kitchen sink and another system at the upstairs bathroom, She always fills her cups and bottles from the one downstairs because the ones upstairs taste weird to her. It may be worth the money just to have physical evidence that nothing is wrong with those filters… tempting.

Parts per million in water typically refers to milligrams (mg) of a substance per liter (L) water (the mass of substance in milligrams per volume in liters of water). This ppm is mg/L substance/water. (:

Was thinking about this but I don’t see any practical use for it. It only measures Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) which is virtually useless for most people. It measures hard water the same as contiminated water and can’t tell the difference between healthful minerals, bacteria and toxic chemicals. Now if it measured gold flecks… but it doesn’t. I’ll pass water on this one…

I may not be a scientist… but I’ved stayed in a Holiday Inn Express. I’m in for one. What the heck, it’s only ten bucks.

as a wooter, i say buy 3.

Its on woot, it automatically has value

and if it doesnt work, then ya got your self a nifty door stop

and really

who doesnt need a door stop that may also be able to tell me if my drinking water is good


As a scientists, I can tell you this crap doesn’t work.

There are 3 things that can kill you, physical, chemical and biological.

Okay, 4 things, add nuclear (radiation stuff)

This tester may test the physical stuff that’s not good for you such as salts, minerals but I doubt that it test chemical or bacteria stuff.

How about Radon? Radon is an invisible, radioactive atomic gas that results from the radioactive decay of radium, which may be found in rock formations beneath buildings or in certain building materials themselves

To be absolutely safe, you probably need to do all 3 of the below assessments

Chemical Assessment
Physical Assessment
Biological Assessment

More info can be found at

What a joke. About all it could do is measure conductivity. If you read the website, you will notice that they probably couldn’t spell conductivity, let alone “contaminants”. This gadget will likely read “bad” for a grain or two of salt, but “good” for a teaspoon of bacteria or benzene. They probably want you to buy their reverse osmosis purifier - and only it will produce the “conductivity water” that passes their test…

This won’t test for bacteria or viruses, or lead, chlorine or anything dangerous. It could kill you if you think it will

Bleh garbage. Most of the stuff that’s going to make you sick won’t show up on this (bacteria, virus, etc).