Lizard Lift-Off

This lizard doesn’t need a propellant to left him off, only lame lizards can’t fly on their own.

Awww… Woot teased us with just 1 extra editor’s choice!

Baaaaaad tail placement…

How is his tail not being incinerated!?!?

“Wait a minute, I just lit a rocket… Rockets explode!”

I also agree that the tail looks rather phallic.

Oh boy … a dinosaur with a rocket pack…wonder if he knows the turtle?

Those fly boys get around.

[when there were four





tail burn off commence!

Hah, I remember this from somewhere! :slight_smile:

I hope this guy can breathe in space.

awww no more editor’s choices.

What? No, Godzilla! There isn’t any air up there!

Godzilla vs. The International Space Station (they only think he’s going to Mars)… Oh, and cool (minor leakage of monster movie fanaticism there, sorry).

Sorry to be so immature, but the tail really kills it for me.

Man, that’s the LAST thing I would want strapped to my external rocket fuel tank.

He reminds me a little of Pete’s Dragon… except he is blue.

I feel like the lizard would just fall off once the solid rocket boosters were jettisoned.

I can hear Haim Saban salivating.

Reminds me of the movie “The Rocketeer”