Lizard Lift-Off

I don’t wanna explode. :frowning:

It’s called “Lizard Lift-Off.” It is phallic. There is a reason that Godzilla’s back is erect.

Yea, right. That lizard definitely needs a bigger rocket!

There seems to be a trend of mechanically assisted reptiles lately. I want a snake with claw arms next.

He should get a month’s supply of T-ReXtenze.

So is this before or after he demolished Tokyo?

Stupid lizard. Leaving the shuttle on the booster section only decreases his chances of achieving escape velocity, since the shuttle itself provides no thrust and only adds mass during liftoff.

I like that the time for the transfer is correct

Well would you rather have it roasted off?

The best part about this shirt is that it’s scientifically plausible.

Wouldn’t you look about like that if you had your very own jetpack? :wink:

I was under the impression that NASA regulations forbid picking up hitchhikers.

Hardly. He’s not even wearing goggles!

A little sad no more Editor’s Choices.

But hey I remember this from Shirtfight! hi Alanis - congrats on the print!

wait a minute…isn’t that Rex?!

Is this how Godzilla will take down Mothra?

Wow. The tail is in a very awkward position. >_<

my thought exactly

An insult to Godzillas everywhere; the STS shuttle program has been cancelled.

I wonder how a rocket on a jet, with a jet pack would do on shirt.woot.