LizaTech LizaCam USB Wall Plug With Hidden IP Camera

Bought two and neither worked. Company support is an email that bounces back. They are a joke.

These are cheap, however I’ve had a good experience with them. They do seem to work well and were the perfect solution to a problem we were experiencing recently. I bought two of them three months ago to help monitor great-grandmas house while she was in the hospital. We had some sketchy family members ‘stopping by’ her house and helping themselves to her belongings while she was in recovery and long term care. Little by little over a period of a few weeks they took jewelry, antiques, etc… thanks to these and a little ingenuity on my part, we’ve got it all recorded. The video is much higher quality than I expected and there are a number of specialized configuration options available in the setup. Be patient as it can take a few minutes to get the setup initiated but once it’s configured, it boots up and connects within about a minute of a power cycle. I’m in for a couple more to keep an eye on the lake house when we’re not there.

2 Stars on Amazon with 5 reviews. I’ll pass.

Bought two and neither worked. Their is one promo video on YouTube but there is zero company support—It looks like they are out of business because emails bounce back. Don’t waste your money!

Try emailing

If that doesn’t work, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.