Lo, It Is Even More Craftsman Tool Chests!

Craftsman 112523 26-Inch 4-Drawer Standard Duty Ball Bearing Rolling Cabinet, White

Features says: “4” x 2” casters support up to 500 pounds”

Specs say: “Weight Capacity: 400 pounds”

Which is it?

Craftsman 104399 6-Drawer Ball Bearing Side Cabinet, Black

Woot: $299.00

Sears: $258.88

Go home Woot! you’re drunk!!

Agreed. Woot, c’mon! It’s not even the Griplatch version. Weaksauce.

Link to relevant shirt.woot shirt.

i don’t want to speculate, so i’ve put in a query for a confirmation.
we’ll probably have an update later this morning. thanks for letting us know.

I have this chest (in the black color). I’d say it’s 400 pounds.

BTW… the chest is GREAT.

Note: Black version is sold at Sears.com today for $159.

The box itself supports 400 pounds allegedly.
The casters are rated at 500 pounds.

The specs were correct. 400 lbs, it is.

Could you provide a link to that deal? Because I’ll jump on that in a heartbeat. Woot’s price… well, I’m thinkin’ about it. Yeah, I know, it’s white and special edition… but at the same time, the color white and the garage don’t always mix (grease, oil, etc).


OK, according to the link above, to Sears’s write-up of this one, it can hold 30 pounds per each of the 4 drawers.

30 times four does NOT equal 400. (or 500)

So, 120 pounds IN the drawers, and a 327 Chevy block on the top?


Hi Woot, according to the pictures, the 40-inch Blue Tool Chest has the GRIPLATCH feature.

However the specs don’t mention this anywhere.

Can you confirm whether or not the blue tool chests are ball bearing with the GRIPLATCH?


Edit: ah…I see what you were looking at.

But thanks for the link.

Two days ago, Black Aura asked the question, “Hi Woot…Can you confirm whether or not the blue tool chests are ball bearing with the GRIPLATCH?” I, too, would like to know the answer. Can someone from Woot please answer? Thank you.

i’m so sorry, i got an answer yesterday and i was bogged down and failed you all. the vendor confirmed that ** these units have the GripLatch feature. **

[btw, our sales were edited yesterday to add a bullet point indicating as much.]

LOVE the flowchart! LOL!

:slight_smile: it’s a helpful tool sometimes.

THis guy went through the trouble of reviewing what it’s like to actually touch and use the craftsman tool carts / boxes compared to a few other readily available options…in ridiculously detailed fashion.


That must’ve taken him months.