Lock & Lock 36-Piece Storage Set



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Lock & Lock 36-Piece Storage Set
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Lock & Lock!!!
Oh my lovely Lock & Lock!

I buy the set, keep the sizes I want & gift the rest!!!


I love my Lock & Lock set! I do wish they included another 78 ounce size, but hey, that’s what Ebay’s for :slight_smile:

In for another one to gift!


Does the plastic top seem sturdy enough that it won’t “snap” apart at the seams over time?


I bought these the last time they were posted. Best plastic storage containers ever! Food stays fresh and they’re 100% leak proof.

Worst thing about them… if you let someone take one home, you probably won’t get it back.


Lock + Lock is the gold standard in food storage.

Microwave safe, Freezer Safe, Locks super tight and no leaks, I’ve been using my set for about 6 months now and love it.

Just don’t take directly from freezer to microwave and you’ll be A Okay!


Assuming these are the same as the other-color sets (red, orange, and green) they do work rather nicely and haven’t had any of the bendable parts show wear so far.


Sooo… do these “nest” when being stored? Or are they stacking only?


I’ve had my set for almost 2 years and after about 1 1/2 years, one of the lids did snap at the seam. However, I love them and if I needed more plastic containers, I would snap these up!


I find them extraordinarily sturdy, and have never had any of them show signs of wear no matter how often they’re used. However, I’ve never put them in the dishwasher, so don’t know if that level of heat would play havoc or not. But normal use, they’re just as good as the day I purchased them.

The only problem I have with them is that I’m a storage box junkie, and every time Woot puts any version on, my mouse hand starts shaking uncontrollably, and the next thing I know more of these things are showing up on my doorstep. I wonder if they sell Lock and Lock large enough to store all my Lock and Lock?

ETA: DAMMIT!!! I just bought another set!!! Why, cgwodehouse, why?!?!?


I’ve only owned one of these containers and one day one of the locks popped off. It was still usable with three so I kept using it.

Yesterday the next one popped off.

But I got about a year and a half out of it.


That’s the problem I have too! LOVE my Lock & Lock…but if I buy any more I may have to move out to make room for them!


If I order some will Uncle Rico come and hand deliver my 36 piece set?


The lids are actually hinged so you’d have to be trying as hard as you can to break them. They’re very sturdy. Uncle Rico’s van may not even break them… I can’t confirm that though.

I got these a while back when woot was offering them, they’re the best storage containers I’ve ever owned. They’ve gone in the dishwasher plenty of times and there’s no sign of wear-and-tear. The smaller containers are great for feeding a baby in since you can store wheatever they don’t eat with the lid, and/or great for packing lunches. I haven’t had any get stained either, and I’ve stored stuff with olive oil, red sauce, etc. Replace your crappy rubbermaid with these!


The propaganda on Amazon.com says they do nest…

[MOD: Our set is not the nestable.]


Use the top rack in the dishwasher. When microwaving make sure the locks are undone or things will get ugly.


They’ve worked great for over 6 months now for me, with only 1 or 2 having a hinge break off. Of course, I think it was due more to me overstuffing them and trying close the hinge than any manufacturing flaw. Great buy!


They’re the stacking kind. I just stack all the lids and then nest the different sizes into one another as best as possible.


I am definitely debating these, as I do think they are great, but I don’t have a lot of storage to keep these, the only downside to this product.