Lock & Lock 36-Piece Storage Set



Just paid $10 more two weeks ago. What the hell, Woot?


These are $5 less than they were two weeks ago. Lots of great comments and ideas for using Lock n’ Lock in the previous thread.

BPA-free; the tabs are super-sturdy; great at keeping humidity out and freshness in; seriously liquid-proof. These don’t nest, but I find the sizes to be significantly more useful than the nesting ones and they’re easier to fit into a lunchbox.

If you don’t have any Lock&Lock, join the great woot tradition and see what it’s all about!


yup, I would have to agree. It sucks that I paid 5 bucks more just a couple of weeks ago. Woot could have held off a few more weeks before rubbing our noses in it
Merry Xmas…sucker


I have these, and they are great! You can put anything in them, and the fact that the are BPA free appeals to my inner hipster. In all seriousness though, this is a great product at an even better price. Who knew Woot could go so low on some of these products?


How do these compare to the Snapware set that was on Woot a few month ago?


Lock & Lock is superior to Snapware. I’ve had both and the tabs on the Snapware literally snap off and the tops become useless. I trashed all my Snapware.


I’m a fan, BIG fan, of Lock&Lock. Looking to replace my old ones, those that DID melt in the microwave with tomato sauces, etc. Probably 10 years old, QVC days (tho they are still on there). Oh, they still work, but are messy looking.

Seriously the best storage containers I’ve ever used.


Where are these made - China or Vietnam or somewhere else???


Price Drop: Sorry you’re unhappy about the price drop. Every retailer (including Woot) is dropping prices post Christmas. It’s time to clear out the inventory. That’s what sellout.woot is all about.




I also got this set from previous woot.

Lots of tiny containers. I would never save such small amounts of food. Either eat it or toss it out!


Measurements show that these are a little on the small side, but I picked some up to add to the glass I already have and to get rid of some of the other older plastic storage containers. I’m sure I will find uses for them other than just food.


The containers are a waste of money. I paid 27 bucks two weeks ago with shipping and tax. They are too small to put leftovers in them. I should have bought the set at Costco.


Do these nest or are they the older ones that don’t? I LOVE these, but the ones that don’t nest for storage are a huge pain.


Fantastic set but like some others said - these are on the small side for leftovers. Unless you store tiny portions of things like small snacks for kids - most will be unused. The larger ones are always in use in our house and yes - they’re SUPER strong! Soup dropped from counter height has no spills (and it bounced a few times). Highly recommend but think how you will use it first.


i am wondering these are plastic or glass???


Plastic, great containers. My wife uses the small ones all the time for her salad dressing, she brings a salad to work.


I bought a set of these about a year ago, one of the best woot purchases I’ve ever made. Yes, there are small containers. I use the really small ones for sauces or the like when I pack lunches at work. They are fantastic for storage and transport.


I second the comment about salad dressings and other small condiments. Additionally, I love these for homemade baby food purees and such. I bought these on a previous Woot and, despite the price having been slightly higher, am glad I did. The fact that they don’t nest is a MINOR annoyance; much less annoying than broken lids/lunch spills! I wish I needed another set; these are great!