Lock Laces 3-Pairs

Lock Laces 3-Pairs

Shoe laces for idiots. Who knew tying your shoes would be a lost art.


Items like this have me thinking of that movie “WALL•E”, where the people are all fat, feeble slobs, helpless from living in a robot catered society where they don’t have to do anything for themselves. Today it’s no tie shoe laces, tomorrow you’ll find brochures for Axiom in your mailbox.

Haha my four year old uses these, would hope the target audience is kids

For me it’s not really about the trouble of ‘tying’ the shoelaces, but rather the constant irritation of them getting wet, dragged (when tied), across all sorts of dirty floors and having to touch them every time they untie.

Plus hey, at least these ones are easier to wash and feel comfy :S


These are great laces for adults who don’t enjoy stopping every half hour to retie the crappy shoelaces that come with shoes today.

These stretch and contract as you move, unlike the old style laces that always end up being too loose or too tight, which makes them really good for sports.


I love these, but on a auction site I found them for 10 sets for $2

Or people who don’t want to double knot their laces on their running shoes to avoid retying in the middle of a 10k, [MOD: you were doing so good until that last word - removed] .

What is the length of the lace (prior to trimming)?

LOCK LACES 6-strand fibers are .25 cm in diameter, 48 inches in length and can stretch up to 72 inches in length