Lock & Lock 16-Piece Borosilicate Glass Airtight BPA-Free Storage Containers

Why is the picture in the Community completely different than what’s being offered?

Just sayin’… I would prefer what’s in the picture on the Community page!

OK, been fixed… carry on!

In for two. Borosilicate is good for heat resistance - beats the cheapers soda lime glass (current Pyrex) any day.

This would be a great gift for any of the geocachers in your life. Lots of sturdy, waterproof containers for hiding caches.

edit: except I didn’t read the whole description. Didn’t realize they made glass lock-and-locks

Love this stuff, and it’s not easy to find, but I don’t love these sizes. 1.x cups is just not all that useful. I’d have jumped on it if it had been larger (even if fewer) pieces.

yay! These are pricey. Amazon sells just 3 of these containers for $45.00

boyfriend says if I buy 1 more snap-lock-style storage set, he’s going to revoke my woot-rights.

Would be good for storing the sea salt caramels if wine woot ever offers them again:(

Same here.

Another xmas present down. Thank you woot!

I didn’t even realize that they were borosilicate glass! I woulda’ got another set for myself.

can anyone compare this to the Glasslock brand? I have one glasslock piece bought from Macy’s and love it, and I;d like more exactly like it but different sizes too.
does this snap very tightly in place and do they have rubber seals inside the lid for airtight and watertight-ness?

I was going to buy these, but I changed my mind after reading this review:


I am especially annoyed about the company screening the reviews before posting them. I don’t trust any company that only posts positive reviews on their website when they receive negative ones as well.