Lock & Lock 22-Pc Bisfree Food Container Set

Is this the one sold on QVC?

I think the Korean packaging gives it that extra special something!

Ummm… Korean food.

Gotta love Korean tv shows. “Wost’s up my mon?”

lots of lock&lock is sold on QVC, which has an exclusive partnership for distribution of many of L&L’s storage sets. this particular set is not currently sold on QVC.

Lock & Lock is my favorite food storage system. While I have not tried this material, I have purchased their translucent softer plastic containers from Woot. I find them superior to other, similar brands. There is far less breakage of the lids’ tabs and they are much easier to line up and snap closed. Since I have not tried these exact containers I will stop short of recommending them; however, I wouldn’t hesitate to try them myself if my cabinets were not already stuffed to brimming with plastic ware.

yes I believe it is the one from qvc. I think These all are.
The only thing I don’t know is if it is this style that they sell on QVC. I’m a QVC addic and these are one of their products I have yet to purchase.

I got mine today. They seem nice but nothing is in English, which doesn’t help to explain what the function of two round ones that have a “Tab” in the lid are for.
Can anyone explain ?