Lock & Lock 36-Piece Storage Set



Excellent. Time for some new lunch containers!


I bought 3 sets of these from Woot last month. They’re a really nice product. Very well-made and sturdy. Lock & Lock is a quality product.

The little containers are pretty small but they’re great for salad dressing or if you are trying to diet and watch your portions. The little containers are also great for small objects like screws, nails or coins.


Anyone know how they stand up to tomato stains? I have kept to glass with plastic lids, but this seems to be a good deal for plastic.


36-Piece Storage Set
so lids are considered piece now? marketing is shady.


Have this exact set from woot, after a year they’re as good as new still. Worth every penny!


Seems like a deal. The big competitors have 'em about 40 bucks. I’m in for 1.


$39.95 on Amazon



Plastic + acidic tomatoes = stains

You can minimize, or even prevent, by spraying the container with nonstick cooking spray prior to filling and washing right away.


I’ve had spaghetti in these and left them in the fridge for a while and they’ve never stained. They hold up in the dishwasher just fine too.


review with 1 star says its not microwavable, another person said the sizes are pretty small and not good for anything other than change, and many say that they aren’t stackable (like putting one bottom into another for storage)


Honestly I think they stack neater when the lid is on and they aren’t nesting. Otherwise you have to deal with all the loose lids.



These are stackable, but not NESTABLE. It’s still a great set, I love mine!


Here here! All my storage is kept this way. Too much time searching for lids.


That is a bunch of b*ll about not microwavable! You must make sure that the lids are not locked & a bit off kilter or they will be very difficult to remove! But somehow when I microwave frozen veggies in mine they seem to taste even better.

As another said above about the small sizes - one can use them for portion control as well as liquids such as salad dressings and some do stack inside one another but not all but once you see how great these are you will toss all your other storage containers away and have lots of space!


No more leaving my assorted candies, bread sticks and pasta strewn about my kitchen top for my German Shepard to feast upon. I’m in for 2.


Can you run these again, please!!!


Please have these again !!
I was up wooting all day yesterday waiting for these lock and lock and I had just gone to sleep right before these showed up. Im so upset!