Lock & Lock 8-Piece Glass Set



1.3 Cups = 10.1 Fl Oz
1.6 Cups = 10.1 Fl Oz


it says they can be used in an oven, but does not give the safe temp level. anyone know?


Unlike American Pyrex, which switched over to cheaper soda-lime glass when it was bought by World Kitchen, these are made of borosilicate. Borosilicate is more resistant to temperature changes, and less likely to crack or explode from thermal shock. Consumer Reports verified this by comparing American Pyrex with European Pyrex, which still uses borosilicate.

So if you want the original Pyrex, buy these.


The ceramic version was said to be not airtight, and would leak. These should be airtight, right?


Is this a good price?


Don’t quote me but borosilicate should not exceed 500F. Better be safe and go lower. Google the COnsumer Reports article on Pyrex. Or look on Snopes.

The Lock and Lock ceramic containers offered a few hours ago has better heat capabilities.


Yes, these are airtight. But the ceramic set is MUCH better for reasons stated in that Woot. I have both sets plus Pyrex containers and the ceramic ones are by far our favorite. They are more elegant, easier to hold and clean, and has better thermal capabilities.


It’s a good price for Lock and Lock glassware. But the biggest bargain was the $6.99 8-piece Lock&Lock ceramic set offered a few hours ago. If you wait, it may come back.


I bought those, too, so I should be set. :slight_smile:


According to Lock&Lock’s website, it can withstand 750F – which I don’t believe. More important is how it stands up to temperature changes, i.e. from a hot oven to your cool counter. That can causse American Pyrex (soda-lime glass) to crack.

“Difference in use
Heat-resistant glass can withstand sudden change in temperature, thus it could be used not only in a refrigerator, a microwave and a dishwasher but also in a 750°F conventional oven”


I bought these last time they were offered. I’ve already chipped one of the square ones. The small ones are really small - they aren’t used often because you can’t really store much more than sauces in them. The larger ones are more along what I would consider small.

I was too late to get the ceramic ones earlier but will try them if I get a chance. I like how they lock.


My oven maxes out at 510, though. I will usually be using them at around 350. I am still on the lookout for something I can brulee in.


Unless Woot offers them again during this Wootoff, or maybe on SellOut.Woot, you are unlikely to see them for %6.99 again. The price was so amazing that I’ve hoarded up on those containers. I bought three sets today and already have 6 sets at home, which I bought for more.

Be on the lookout for 1saleaday and Ben’s Outlet. They sometimes have the ceramic set for $9.99, sometimes with free s/h.


yeah; the second I finished ordering a set I thought “I really ought to have gotten two.” but it disappeared before I got through to order again.