Lock & Lock 8pc Porcelain Container Set

i have these, I love them

I bought these pieces of crap last woot off.
The lids are flimsy and 2 of the snap locks broke off, and I only used them a couple of times.

Had to toss the lids. Neat idea. Poor engineering.
You can have em back if you want them cause I wouldn’t buy this again.

Oh my gosh, I love Lock & Lock. There is nothing better for kitchen storage. First woot of the day!

from the thumbnail - TOTALLY thought it was full of meal worms.

I’m kind o’ scared that people ordering these might actually get the horrible candle thing previously up. It’s like a waking nightmare.

If they are crap, woot will be taking them back… I am in for 3 sets. I can cook ahead. Freeze. That at my earliest convenience.

…well, they are better than the candle thing…maybe.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT use these for liquids. Runny soup in the bottom of your bag/backpack/satchel is not ideal.

I own these - a total of eight. Like other Lock & Lock containers, these porcelain containers are quite versatile and a steal for the price.

I kind of miss the candelabra…and I feel bad that no one bought one.

Bring it back with a reduced price! $30 is too much…but get it below $10 and you’ll see the love!!

Hey Thunderthighs… This deserves a quality post…

O M F G <-- someone over at amazon is a real tool…

I bought these on an earlier woot. They’re the luxury version of container sets, IMHO. Think I’ll buy some more.

got it the last time. absolutely love it. no complains. just got one again.

but…they aren’t air tight? so why?

Wait, am I reading this correctly? It’s four feet wide by two feet high? For only $4.84?

A Lock & Lock tub!

You no likey a 4’ x 2’ container for ONLY $5?! You can smuggle a small child in them! Ha!

everything does not need to be air- tight. Sometimes it is ok to get some fresh air. For the money, I think this is the best you can get.

ARe the lids bpa free?

It is likely that was what the amazon web services representative was thinking as they were looking at them…