Lock & Lock 8pc Porcelain Container Set





This is not the porcelain container I expected to see after toilet paper.


“Containers are not airtight or watertight; use care when storing this item with liquids on their side or on an angle”

I thought being air and/or watertight was lock & lock’s deal. I mean, what are the two locks for if it can’t keep the stuff in the container?

I’m out…


Note: these are not air/water tight lids.

Also: when not in use the containers do not stack well.


Ditto. I was almost in for 3 till I read that in the description.


Porcelain for less than $2 a bowl is more than enough incentive. It’s perfect for leftovers so I got one set.


Lock & Lock is amazeballness.


They’re pretty airtight. You have to shake them vigorously to get them to leak. And frankly, airtightness really isn’t necessary except for longterm storage, i.e. freezing. Leftovers should be eaten within 3 days. And most termporary fridge containers aren’t airtight anyway, i.e. takeout containers.

If you guys really want to make them airtight, simply place a piece of Saran wrap over the bowl before you snap on the lid. Use two layers if your wrap is thin. BUt that will prevent leakage for those rare occasions when you really need airtightness.

I have Pyrex containers, Lock& Lock plastics, Lock&Lock glass, etc, but these are BY FAR our favorite and the ones we use daily. They’re super easy to clean because nothing sticks to them and they much easier to hold than Pyrex or Lock&Lock glassware. Plus, they look a lot more elegant than plastic or glass. And they’re more heat resistant than Pyrex, which can’t handle temperature changes. We use them to cook in, serve and eat in.

If we don’t already have 20 of them (!), I’d order more.


These are perfect for hot artichoke dip…you can bake it and serve it in the same dish. The cover is good for taking to a get together (why am I always the one bringing the dip) or if, in case, there is any left over. Which hardly ever happens!


But when in use, they stack VERY well. The hard lids don’t warp and other containers stack on them extremely well.

I already have 20 and just ordered 2 more sets for stocking stuffers, Love love love these.


The original lock & lock containers are amazeballness, yes. But these aren’t airtight, or watertight, or stackable, nor are the lids microwave safe - my pyrex set does better.

And the “stackable” lock & lock containers that have appeared on woot seem to be made by a different manufacturer, with a completely different closure system (separate plastic parts that hinge on little plastic pins which break easily, as opposed to the ‘unibody’ construction of standard lock & lock).


You never finished your “home party” days story. :slight_smile:


Thanks–that was my guess and I’m already in for 1. Now that I have free shipping maybe I should get another!


are too stackable, I own two sets. Not with the lids on them though.

EDIT: they DO stack with the lids, just don’t “nest.” They “nest” without the lids.


If you need airtightness, order their Boroseal glassware, which is often on Woot. But as the owner of both, as well as Pyrex, Tupperware, Lock& Lock plastic, etc … I have to say that these are by far the most usable. They are certainly tight enough for 95% of our storage needs. VERY rarely do you need to be airtight for temporary storage. See my other post to see how you can make these airtight for the rare times when you need it.


The bowls are easy to clean and do well in the microwave. The lids hold nice and tight, but I haven’t stored anything liquidy yet. So I’ll not comment. Wait.

Just filled one half-way with water…and not one drop of water when I turned it every way around. I’m gonna call mine “leak-proof”.


I bought 2 sets off of Woot not to long ago.

LOVE these. Lightweight but sturdy, the outsides of the containers stay cool when microwaved, they clean easy, and have not chipped yet.

The only con is they dont stack well… but I bought these to replaced a ton of mismatched plastic storage containers that didnt stack at all.

As for water/air tight. The lids have silicone gaskets. I havent had any of these leak. When I got them I put hot water in mine and flipped them upside down… not a drop came out.

I think it was more or less “we dont guarantee they wont leak” than anything.

In for 3 more sets!


Unlike the Lock&Lock plastic containers, these lids are thick and hard, and don’t warp in the microwave. Although not recommended, we’ve even use the lids to loosely over the containers when steaming veggies in the microwave. THe plastic containers are rated for 210F and would warp with steam. These lids don’t warp under short exposure to steam.


BTW, the fact that these lids aren’t airtight is actually n advantage for cleaning. There is no lip in the lid, which can trap food and moisture. Instead, this uses an “open” silicone seal. Much easier to clean.