Lock & Lock 8pc Porcelain Container Set


Helpful nesting pic:


This set normally goes for $24-$39 on ebay. I bought 4 sets when they were on sale for $9.99. At $6.99 it comes out to about $1.75 per bowl. That’s cheaper than a quality ceramic bowl at Macy’s. And those bowls don’t come with lids. These come with quality locking lids. BARGAIN!!! Just bought 3 more sets…


These things are awesome - perfect size - straight from fridge to microwave to oven to dishwasher and we use them every day in our kitchen. In for 3!


ugh I missed the insulated latte cups again…DANG!


I totally agree! I own 3 sets of this, which means 12 containers. They are my most favorite of lock & locks. Good for left overs, I use it to serve like cereals with soy milk. My husband love it! It’s super good deal.


Thanks! I was turned off by the ‘not air-tight’ label, but went ahead & ordered a set anyway because of your comment. :smiley:


I bought them last time they were up and I reach for them more than any other container, including my pyrex. So I bought another set. I nuke veggies in them and leftovers get the lid and they pop in the fridge. They nest nicely.


Was looking for some microwavable containers for my boyfriend because he just got a microwave, but doesn’t have a SINGLE bowl or container in his apartment that he can put in it, so it’s kind of useless except for TV dinners. This looks perfect.


I just ordered another 3 sets to go with the 3 sets I’d already had. If you missed out, your loss, these are fantastic. :slight_smile:


I got mine today.

Did they ship them out before I ordered?


Did anyone else get ugly ones? I bought these expecting plain like in the pics. I got some 1960’s flower patterned. I am disappointed and the bait and switch. :frowning:


sorry you don’t love the pattern/colors.
i don’t see anything in the offer that specifies white or plain containers, so i don’t know if we can get out the “bait & switch” sticks yet. sometimes our photos vary a bit from the offer, so it’s important to take note of the features & specs, too.

however, i will be sure to note that we had concerns about the discrepancy between photo & real life, and (again) i’m sorry about that.


All photos were plain white - crazy me thinking I would get white. Thanks for your response. After 142 Woots, I think it fair to let you when you disappoint. Not often which is why I stick around.


…and we are better for it!