Lock & Lock Food to Go BPA-Free 18-Piece Airtight Container Set

In for 3

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Lock & Lock Food to Go BPA-Free 18-Piece Airtight Container Set
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Forget the Tupperware party, i want these

Help, I cant breathe! These really are air-tight containers! I wish I read that label!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeee are these any good?

Tub Thumpin!

In for 1… I know lame…

Great for hiding a geocache - In for 1!

“This is not an indictment of the quality of your food storage containers Jennifer, it’s a simple request to make room for everyone else in the office’s lunch.”

Does everyone else’s say their name? Is Woot doing a mass replace where each user reads their own name in the writeup? I can’t tell because my name IS Jennifer.

A 28 piece set from the same company sold out very quickly last month on sellout/deals.woot:


18 piece = 9 containers with 9 lids, correct?

I’ve got these. They are great! too bad my wife is partial to Tupperware.

Well, there’s one item off my shopping list.

I love the clear containers.
That way when those left overs that I was never going
to eat turn into a science experiment
I’ll know when to it out

Review of the company by consumer research


I think these are the ones Cooks Illustrated said were the best of about a dozen brands they tested. The only ‘bad’ thing they mentioned about them is that they can leak a little at first, but the silicon seal actually got better after several dishwasher washings.

Yes they are good. The rubber seal can come out so you can clean it easier.

The only downside is that you can break the tabs that stick out on the base.

Lock and Lock Webpage

Best thing ever for craft/hobby parts storage. Not too small, like those silly bead and screw organizers; not too large, like bulky tool chests. And not wildly overpriced like the specialty storage at craft stores.