Lock & Lock Multi-Lock 20-Piece Stackable Set

I got the smaller set of these and they are actually very nice.

Not sure about these models, but the ones I’ve bought from woot have been useful for storing non-food items too. In particular, i use some for keeping my toiletries organized under the sink of a shared bathroom. Quite useful, I tell you.

Quite useful.


I have a couple of these sets and love them. I gave away the hodge-podge of assorted containers I had been using.

I also got the smaller set and like them a lot. I only use the Tupperwear when there aren’t any of these left.

These are all bigger than I can use, though.

very please with the last set I got. Durable and truly air tight which makes storing meat easier for a day or two longer!

I would recommend closing these carefully. It seems like they might break if you don’t have the lid lined up quite right.

I’m def did not get my BA in English as I avoided anything English oriented, I love numbers, but does anyone else see something wrong with this?

“Do not use lid or base in oven, under browning elements or on stove top.”

Whoever is doing these write ups, considering it is their job, is slacking :slight_smile: !

Does home.woot do the “bag of crap” thing like the original does?

You can never have too many of these things… especially when you have a lot of kids. IMO.

In all seriousness, no, it looks grammatically correct to me.

My extended family is OBSESSED with Lock & Lock and are convinced they are the best storage containers out there. I haven’t actually tried them myself, though.

I have too many tupperware-type containers already, so I’ll pass, but it seems like a good deal!

Seconded. Then again, I have never studied English grammar so I am by no means anywhere close to being an expert.

Looks GC and PC to me…

Grammatically and politically correct…

Agreed. Bought the smaller set last time. They were smaller than expected, but great for holding kids’ collections of small odds and ends such as sillybands, squinkees, mightybeans, etc.

We also keep our q-tips in one on the bathroom counter to keep the cat from batting them all over the house.

In for a set of these to store leftovers or to organize the kids’ snacks in the cabinets.

I like these better than tupperware, rubbermaid and gladware.

What’s the difference between these and this:


Looks like a different model number…but if I can get them from parent company amazon at any time for 29.99…

“Do not use lid or base in oven, under browning elements or on stove top.”

I think OP could be mistaking the word base for baste (as in cooking in the oven), which would then make the sentence confusing.

I was thinking there should be a “,” before the second “or”? Seems like it can go with or without.

Got a set on the last Woot, where someone posted that the Lock&Lock site had some of the same things for nearly the same price (after the woot SOLD OUT).

Took a look and now am addicted to their sales!

They have these “Mystery Boxes” that go on sale for $9.99. Got 2 that just shipped… promised $40 but some are suppose to have $70 in them. The last MBoxes had a few with $25 gift cards but I didnt get any!

Showed a few from the last MBox to a chef friend/neighbor and he was really impressed so got him/wife a set of the Lock & Lock…

One of the water bottle lids snapped a piece off and I called, got the bottom number off the bottle and have a new lid coming to me. Seems like good customer service - once you get thru the phone lines.