Lock & Lock Multi-Lock 20-Piece Stackable Set

MANY, many, sometimes non handy smaller containers. Like this set for its SIZE.

I LOVE Lock and Locks. I like the older ones, though. Lock and Locks are superior to Tupperware.

Ya no way break these they are broken Tupperware has a LIFETIME WARRENTY
these cheap imitations DO NOT you break them they are JUNK

actually…yeah, they do

did anyone else’s lock & lock arrive damaged? the one of the locking mechanisms was completely off and in pieces w/in the packing box. waiting to hear back from lock & lock.

Mine arrived with one of the snap locks broken off of a lid. Going to send an email to lock & lock too and see if anything can be done. Will update once I’ve heard anything.

Just opened mine and it was broken as well! Do I contact lock and lock directly?

These Lock and Lock containers are very poorly made. The blue latches are cheaply made and break off the sides of the container and they are difficult to snap back in. I put these in the dishwasher as these are supposed to be dishwasher safe and the blue latches shrunk with the heat and now they are too short and will not snap back in. I am hoping that Woot will let me return these as they were a Christmas gift for my parents.