Lock & Lock Storage Boxes - 3 Pack

Noooooo! I am waiting for the lock and lock food containers!! I need more, please!

Don’t really look like your traditional lock and lock containers.

I already got 2 sets in the last 24 hrs! no more for me1

these are nice, large-capacity storage containers for clothing, bedding etc. we bought 3 sets last time they came up on here and I am very pleased with the quality.

can withstand up to 130 lbs. I think my boss is under that. Hmm… are these air-tight?

I think I’ll pass, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if I found a set in a Briquette of Charcoal.

trying to figure out if the height is the “last” number in the dimensions… I’m pretty sure it is…

This would be a lot more fun if Woot offered these items at a sale price, like a little or a lot less than they usually sell them for. I would be all over them!

I didn’t know what I was going to do with these when I bought them, I thought they looked intriguing and we can always use storage.

I have to say these have been extremely useful! They’re really large, with zipper entry via the front and entry via the top (it velcros into place).

We’re using them to store art… things we need to get framed, but haven’t had the time to do yet. (LEGO posters, sketches/ prints from comic conventions, etc.) That should give you an idea of the massive size.

Since the box is very solid, everything stays nice and safe inside of it, and the easy access means we can add new art to it without disturbing what’s in there.

I’d definitely buy more of these!