LockSAF Personal Biometric Pistol Safe

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LockSAF Personal Biometric Pistol Safe
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Let’s learn all about Locksaf

Unless I’ve mixed up the model numbers, this is only about $10 cheaper than on the mother ship.

Can this hold more than one pistol? If so, this would be a great gift for my brother!

Product page has a pic with it holding 2 pistols. TBQH, he could probably find something similar at his local gun shop a little cheaper and have the luxury of checking out the size himself.

That is the example they provide, but you could likely arrange at least one more at that size or 4-5 smaller pistols.

I don’t own this vault, so I can’t comment on its relative merits. However, I do own several Barska biometric pistol vaults and can enthusiastically recommend them. They are well made and the biometric reader works reliably every time I’ve tried it (and it has never opened using a fingerprint I didn’t program in, which I test frequently).

The Barska top opening vault is slightly larger than the LockSAF woot is selling today, and more importantly about $45 cheaper on Amazon.

I also have the Barska front opening vault and it is of equivalent quality and functionality.

Still more convenient to simply keep the gun under your pillow. Because if you really need it you want it as close as possible.

Home.woot … one step ahead

The entire video is interesting on how to defeat the cable locks and other safes, but this was reviewed for DefCON 19 and got great marks! Skip to 19:20 in the video for the LockSAF… [youtube=vIJFQO4DIxw][/youtube]

I have owned this safe for several years now. I paid about $20 more for it at the time, and it was a deal.

Overall I am very happy with it. I read many reviews about it before deciding to buy it because I have two kids in the house. The biometric lock has worked every time I have wanted it to. It has the ability to store multiple prints (always a good idea), and has never once been fooled. I’ve tried.

The safe is louder than I would have liked unlocking. You would not be able to open it in a situation where making a sound would be a major disadvantage. The reason for the loudness is fairly easy to understand, but more difficult to fix. The safe’s locking “fork” sits loose on the door’s “lock bar”. The “fork” is spring-loaded, so when unlocked it clangs against the doors “bar”. My corgi can hear it unlock from across the house, but he doesn’t like our handguns anyway…

It does comfortably hold two full-sized handguns (4+" barrels) and they are both accessible if needed quickly. It can hold up to four compacts and still be accessible.

9/10 would buy another if needed.

As a Locksport enthusiast (I pick locks as a hobby and for sport) I cannot recommend this safe.

They DID take our suggestions (I assume it was us, we never heard back from them) to improve the lock and added an “impossible-to-pick-without-a-special-locksmiths-tool” (and knowing how to use it), but this safe can STILL be defeated because of the loose tolerances of the design. I wont say more than that… but given enough time to study this (A teenager with 30 minutes at a time when you’re away) can figure out how to open it, bypassing the key and the biometrics.

This is 100* harder to bypass than their previous models. If you own one and can exchange it for this one, do so. Or, buy both and label the old (empty) one “CASH AND GOLD COINS” and label the new one “PAPERWORK” so they waste time messing with the old one

If the safe does not open when the bad guys arrive, the gun ownership expense is a waste, and the safe is another waste of money.

Simple but readily accessible concealment can be a better solution. It relies on training of the people in the household.

My first demonstration of firearms always includes at least three pieces of fruit with increasing caliber, ball to hollow points.

On the last round, I remind them again that human brains are largly water just like the watermelon I am holding. The last hit is with a 12 gauge and number 4 shot; when the watermelon explodes, their eyes reveal the impression I want to make. Then we go shoot .22’s at pop cans and have good time. If the nubie points wrong, verbal corrections are simple, and they respect the danger implied.

If you cannot trust everyone in your household with the respect of the guns, you should really consider a heavy and concealed safe. Last weekend, sadly, a 13 yr old in my town stole a pistol from another kid’s house, was playing with it with his friend at another house, and now the friend is dead.

The pistol was only stolen because a kid in the household brought in the thief and showed him the gun, so the thief knew where to find it. In other words, the gun owner could not trust everyone in his household.

A safe of this type might be an in between solution, but training everyone with respect for firearms is really even more important. My kids know to not even discuss guns with their friends, and should one of those kids be in my house, their is no way a firearm is accessible or even visible. (They have also been instructed how to answer Obamacare questions at the doctor’s office, without lying.)

A 13 year old with a fatal gun shot to the head makes for one really ugly funeral. This safe might make a danger go away for a little bit, but please consider the simple ramifications and responsibilities of gun ownership, with or without the safe.

You must have the trust and respect of your kids. Frankly, this safe could become a theft attractant if their bad friends even know about it being in the house. The bad friends will know when you are on vacation, and they will already know to bring a crowbar.

Please take that down. There are links to related videos on how to bypass these safes. Deviant Ollum covers the entire series

“Tonight on the 11:00 news, local man shoots his foot while retrieving his handgun he had stored with the safety off.”

Real men do not hide behind guns

I own this safe. Unlike many other personal safes, this one is more difficult to defeat. It was featured at Defcon a while back. It was eventually defeated but it took much longer than just about any other quick access safe. Barska, stackon, and many others cannot compare.

My only recommendation is that you record your index finger more than once. Record it while swiping at different angles. That way you get a quick open when you need access to your pistol.

This is not for securing your weapon from the criminal element. It is to keep it away from the kids. Get a real safe for more long term storage. Be careful out there…

Men and women have kept and carried weapons for millennia.