LOCTOTE Flak Sack II Theft Resistant Bag

LOCTOTE Flak Sack II Theft Resistant Bag

Check out the Lockpicking Lawyer on Youtube who cuts through this like it’s cloth. Don’t waste your money.


I was about to make a comment about how the lock is garbage and could easily be cut. But apparently the fabric is garbage too and also very easily cut. There is no way anyone should spend more than 30 on this bag.


Mother always said: Nobody likes being called a Flak Sack


Whoever decided to price this that high definitely has a giant sack holding some brass.

Lololol. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I have such mixed feelings on these. Compared to, well, basically every other drawstring bag like this, they’re awesome. Great quality, thicker, more comfortable rope straps, thick and durable fabric, etc. For what they are, they’re great bags.

Then you get to the two big issues:

  1. Misleading marketing. The fabric is similar to a cut-resistant glove used by restaurant workers and butchers and such. They’re tough, hard to cut, and very useful. They’re not anything close to cut-proof, though, and provide modest protection at best. Much better than anything else available in a soft sack, but far from their claims.
  2. The price. This thing is insanely overpriced for what it is. You’re paying a massive “gimmick premium”. If they were priced at $50 or so, they’d be easy to recommend. At $160+ typically and $110+ on sale? Still way over-priced.

Pretty sure The Lock Picking Lawyer us why this trash is now on clearance.