Lodge 7-Stick Cast Iron Cornstick Pan

Got two of these last wootoff - they are great!

These are available on the manufacturer’s website for 51 cents more. And from there, they have a satisfaction guarantee.

EDIT: I take it back. That’s the “mini” version. This is a decent deal after all.

In for two! I almost went for three, but two seem to be a decent batch size.

When making corn bread, please don’t put sugar in it, and, if you must add wheat flour, at least make sure there’s more corn meal.

Corn bread is not cake.

I love these too, but they’re basically the same price on Amazon and cheaper if you get free shipping.


This is… amazon. See the spam everywhere?

If you are ever in the Chattanooga area you can visit their store at the foundry.

They have some factory seconds. They used to have a lot more, but they’ve opened stores at some tourist destinations (Pigeon Forge and I think somewhere else), so the inventory is divided.

The stuff up front is regular price. You need to go all the way to the right and around a corner to get to the factory second stuff.

I forgot. My bad.

No sales to Iowa or Nebraska? That tells you all you need to know about this product!

(obviously joking)

Ordered 2 for the grill or to serve them with butter outdoors. Cast iron at $10 on a woot off where we’ve already unlocked free shipping is a great deal.

I don’t go to the Chattanooga area but if I see them elsewhere, I’ll stop in. Thank you for the information. :slight_smile:

Did you see:

Only 1 left in stock (more on the way).

Woot lets you know too, they move on to another item on a Woot off. :slight_smile: I’ll stick with Woot!

There were 4 left in stock when I posted. I bought 2, another wooter bought 1 (I’m assuming since it’s a better deal on Amazon).

Keep in mind Amazon bought Woot (as someone above reminded me) so you’re dealing with Amazon both ways.

Your signature is amazing. My night is much improved. :smiley: