Lodge Cast Iron 12" Skillet

$19 everyday at wally world (only thing I get there):confused:

If I’m not mistaken, these are different from the wally world ones… there should be a woot logo on the bottom. Other than that, it’s identical. Also, this is a kick-ass pan. It magically makes your food taste better and you can keep it by your bedside in case of a home invasion.

These are not the woot logo pans. Sorry.

TT, someone needs to change the description on these. Still listed as the Woot! pans.

I’ll get them to correct the photo caption. Were you seeing it anywhere else? I looked and that’s all I saw.

Photo caption … yep … that’s it. Still not fixed, though. It’s sad, because I really wanted more Woot! cast iron. I use the one I have all the time.