Lodge Cast Iron Cookware & Such

The LDP3 griddle is $0.02 cheaper at Amazon and eligible for free shipping.

Add a grill brush or a pack of nylon scrapers and you’re there.

I really want one of these, actually - it’s just the right size to stick on half of my Weber Spirit E-310 grill.

Finally, something to tempt the fiancé with. Suddenly the tables shall be turned!

I have one and use it all the time. It lives on our stove, we don’t even put it away. Have not grilled with it because it doesn’t fit my grill, but I have with other Lodge pieces.

thanks. ordered from amazon


Sorry for the caps, but I really think they are necessary.

Ugh! I never heard of a hot handle mitt. I thought they were regular pot holders! Stupid little baby sock looking thing. Maybe I can fund someone who has a cast iron skillet.