Lodge Mfg Cast-Iron Cookbook

Lodge Mfg Cast-Iron Cookbook

I bought this cookbook not long ago on woot for under $10.00, glad I got it when I did, wow.

Is this the same as the cheaper item on Amazon? http://amzn.com/B00HW4A4BC

Just FYI, there is “Look Inside” plus almost 750 reviews there, in case someone wants to look closer at this. And it’s available for Kindle ($9.99), in Paperback ($11.79), or Flexibound ($15.65).

Cost more than $19.95 MSRP? More expensive than buying from Lodge and Amazon.

$22.71 Woot price is 27% off $30.97 “list” price
$11.79 = Amazon with free 1 day delivery for Prime:
$19.95 = Lodge website

Links to Amazon & Lodge listing:

Sorry guys. Our clearance items are a percentage off of the price for THAT ASIN on Amazon. Unfortunately, an item can be listed under multiple ASINs.