Lodi Wine Company Zinfandel (6)

Lodi Wine Company Zinfandel 6-Pack
Sold by: AH Wines (H-G Vineyards)
$69.99 $132.00 47% off List Price
2014 Lodi Wine Company Zinfandel

$2 a bottle more than their cabernet offered here in October but sells for a $1 less than the cab on their website. $18 for the cab $17 for the zin.
Just an observation :wink:
And doesn’t ship to me anyway so I should just stay out of it right?

I struggle to see how this AH wines company can have 1000 brands from Lodi that are different with different fruit sources with any kind of uniqueness. These offers are all a solid pass for me because they feel completely generic and the woot price point is probably exactly the price they should be sold at.

I know that the weekends are pretty dead on the product boards but is that a result of the generally uninteresting offers or the busyness of people’s weekends. A chicken or the egg sort of situation.

In the spirit of community I’ll ask has anyone had this or any other wine from this label and have thoughts to share. (Note I didn’t use the word winery here.)

Edit: another note, I notice that Cesare no longer creates a CT entry for these

Think you hit the nail on the head. Taking a brief look at the website looks like each brand they have bottles the same varieties all at the same price point. Like bottle it up and slap a different label on it.

I found this wine to be a little light for a Zinfandel. A light fruity nose with a little hint of spice finish. We paired it with pizza and enjoyed it a lot.