Logged into Forums or Sale Site but not both

I can either be logged into the forums or the sale site but not both at the same time.

I’ve cleared cookies, tried different browsers, different computers.

If I log in to the forums, then log in to the sale site, I get a notification on the forums that I was logged out.

If I log in to the sale site, then log in to the forums, I don’t get a notification but when I go to purchase an item I’m asked to log back in.

Any tips?

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Could you post what browser you’re using and what OS?

Chrome, Windows 10

I’m logging in through Amazon for Prime.

I’m also logged into the Amazon site.

I tried to log in through my Woot Account on the forums then my Amazon Account on the sale site and was logged out of the forums.

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Same issues intermittently.

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Glad I’m not the only one. (yay?)

Real annoying with the LE BOCS going on today. Luckily managed to get in on the first BOC of the day.

I’m using the Samsung internet browser on my phone and am experiencing the same issue…

Went to the Amazon site -> Account -> Other Programs -> Login with Amazon

Woot was listed twice in there. Removed both then went back to Woot to log in with Amazon. Hopefully that fixes the problem.

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I am fine now.

Still had to log in to the sale site when I tried for the LE BOC but it was only a “click here to login with Amazon” button instead of the input email/password prompt. Progress?

Just got VOP’d for another LE BOC. Booted me out to the login screen. Ugh.

This is infuriating now.

Logged out and logged back in to the main site so I wouldn’t get timed out by Amazon.

Log in to the forums to track topics.

Get into LE Birthday Bag Code Name Jub Jub and it shows no counter on the link to the sale page.

Immediately VOP’d.

VOP punts me to the log in screen. Login, sold out.

Go back to forums:


I had that problem when using prime during the birthday stuff. If I logged into woot using prime for free shipping, I got logged off of forums. If I logged into forums, it made me log into woot again. If I used my woot login, both were fine.

I had the same problems yesterday. Once, I was logged in with Prime and bought something and then probably two minutes later one of the LE bags came up and I had to login again which made sure I couldn’t get the bag. I had to use my Woot login to finally get one later in the day.