Login won't stick

Woot will not keep me logged in… I always tick the “keep me logged in” box, but after I close the session and come back an hour or so later – I’m logged out. I’ve tried clearing the cache, tried a “incognito” tab, tried different browsers. Same results.

Interestingly enough, Woot does keep me logged in to the forums (or whatever Woot calls it).

Is this some sort of new feature?

@jdwdigital Hi there. Can you give me more info? You’re on desktop? What browser? Or if app, what OS?

I normally use MS Edge (latest version) but I also tried Chrome (latest version as well). On desktop, Windows 10. Thanks.

Let me ask about it.

PS: One more question. Login with Amazon or with your Woot login?

Let me see if I can explain this…

First off, it appears that if I’m completely logged out of the Woot site and then login (using my Woot account and checking the “stay logged in” option), I am logged into both the main site and the forums. If I leave the main site for an hour or so I have now been logged out of the main site, but remain logged into the forums.

If I then log into the main site with my Amazon account (with the “stay logged in” option checked) I am, of course, logged in to the main site with my Amazon account – BUT, I’m still logged in to the forums with my Woot account.

If I remain off the main site for a couple of hours (while logged in with my Amazon account) I am still logged in when returning the site. But, if I visit the forum (which has me logged in with my Woot account) and then choose “the back to deals” navigation button, I am logged out of the main site, but remain logged into the forums.

No big deal, but kinda strange…

Thank you! I vaguely remember hearing that was a known issue but not positive. The site has been logging me out more than usual as well.

I’m checking on it.

I’ve been seeing this as well. Because of that, I’ve noticed something else a little odd.

So, I get prompted to login, and I always use my Amazon login now for Prime. So, I see this handy button at the bottom of the screen.

When I click that button to Login, I’m then taken here:

Then, instead of taking me back to the main page where I originally started the process, it lands on my woot account page.

Is there any way the first button could take us to the Amazon login instead of the woot login landing page?

Any fix for this yet? It keeps happening still.

The “Keep me logged in” thing? That’s subject to cookies that expire for security. So someone can’t order if you lose your phone.

So I guess I’m wondering why there’s a checkbox stating “keep me logged in” if no matter what you select, you’re going to be logged out for security. Wouldn’t it be better to remove that checkbox that states you will stay logged in, or give people the option of actually retaining a login period?

I believe it’s removed in the newer versions of the app. I don’t see it on mine.

But we are working to keep people logged in longer. We still can’t do anything about the login required for ordering though.