Logitech Bluetooth Headphones for iPod

For those of you who are thinking about tonights woot, but arent quite sure about prices elsewhere:

Froogle Link $34.95 Minimum(not counting eBay)

Yahoo! Shopping Link $44.98 Minimum (not counting Ubid)

Shopzilla Link $41.99 Minimum

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Rating 2.5/5 Stars

Manufacturer Page

BizRate Link…from $58… 16 online stores listed

Shopzilla Link… from $42… 31 online stores listed

Nextag Link… from $45… 14 stores listed

Yankee… good to see you again… been watching World Cup??? Hope so… USA game tomorrow at noon eastern… don’t miss it, y’all.

WILL NOT WORK with new video pod. must have remote jack on the top of ipod to work.

sucks, no 5G support!!!

not for the g5 video, this is old and outdated. night all

these would all make sense if woot actually ever sold an Ipod.

btw. www.idont.com

interesting… I may grab a pair of these… I heard the range is very nice… but then again, another friend says if he puts his ipod in his backpack, he sometimes has signal issues, even when its on his back.


Is _ogitech anything like Logitech?

(It seems that they fixed it already.)


OK. I want one. I could use some wireless Ipod headphones.

And, to those who say “I don’t have an Ipod”, what makes you think anyone cares?


DAMNIT!! awsome deal but no ipod VIDEO support!! FUCK ALL!!

Why, why, why won’t this work with the Rio I purchased during the Woot-off?

Will it work with my Treo 650 though? It’s Blue-Tooth?


I wonder if the headphones will link up to other bluetooth devices…

is there some way to use this with normal audio stuff? say… my laptop?

iPod, wasn’t that the name of the aliens who tried to take over the world in the early 1960s? Pod people or such…

Durned good price for the headset. WOW

The picture covered the L :slight_smile:
This is an awesome woot!

Outdated, only works with Ipod’s. Who the hell uses those anymore??

do you guys think this would work with other MP3 players?(Creative)

Yeah, sell Iriver…sell Iriver then sell more Iriver…then sell headphones you can only use with Ipod??? bad woot!

Anyone know how this works with a mini? On a mini, the headphone jacks are to the side rather than in the center. This doesn’t look like it would fit comfortably on top of a mini. :frowning:

Am I wrong? Please tell me I am, because I would love this woot.