Logitech Bluetooth Headphones for iPod

Please join fellow Woot.com users in the AIM chatrooms! Order of succession is as follows:

“wootoff” - and if that’s full…
“woot” - and if that’s full…
“wootoff2” - and if that’s full…

First two rooms already nearing capacity, but there’s no reason we can’t populate the other two as well.

Last WootOff, the first three rooms were filled to capacity and the fourth was about half full, the entire time.

This is faster than forums, and also helps offload a lot of discussion from the forums while the servers are being taxed.


I can’t go to sleep with the curiousity


We will never talk about this product again. We must keep it to ourselves. What would happen if we let others know. The end of the world, dare I say as we know it, thats what would happen!


I think they have an endless supply of these things.

Good buy though!! Mine work awesome!! :slight_smile:

gosh darnit. boooooo! boooo again!


Boooooooooooo, next w00t please

say no to the pod

not bad


Nice, I like you like me?

ooooo daaaammmmnnnnn biyotch

Bleh, Ipod stuff.

Darn no ipod to go with this…

where’s my bag of crap!!!

Pass - buy 3!