Logitech Bluetooth Speakers

I own two of these that we actually bought to pump white noise into the sweet ears of our twin baby girls. They are in separate cribs and we can move them around to best suit the scenario. We drive them via bluetooth from an iPad or iPhone with free white noise apps. More often than not, these speakers operate over 10 hours, sometimes 12 hours and have done so for 9 months now.

But, we have also used them to create nice music background in stereo by hiding the speakers in a great room. The manner in which one speaker links to the other to drive the L or R channel is awesome. Im unaware of this being done with other speakers.

We charge them daily with a high wattage dual USB charger. These speakers have become an integral part of our lives right now and they have not failed us yet.

I use the UE MINI BOOM while traveling as a tech. It’s great to just grab out of my bag and move with me as I work around a job site.
I have decent ears for sound and this speaker really puts out clean highs and thumping lows. It’s smaller than I expected and really thought it was worth retail price.

The UE Boom is the best bluetooth speaker I have seen. It is nice to be able to link multiple speakers to get true stereo or just extend the soundstage. Plus they are super tough. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

I got 2 of UE Booms for spring break last year and people absolutely LOVED it. Since they’re waterproof, I brought them to the beach with me and people LOVED it. I’ve actually been waiting a while for these to go on sale. I’m probably going to pick up another 2.

I actually think they’re only water resistant, not waterproof.

From the UE Boom product page/website “Colorful acoustic skin with plasma coating makes UE BOOM water and stain resistant.”

Yes–the boom is definitely only water resistant so don’t get nuts with it. I got mine last Christmas and spent a lot of time researching and listening to different ones and am really glad I chose the boom. Very portable, great battery life, decent smartphone app, and it fits nicely in my car drink holder :slight_smile:

Trying to decide between a UE Boom or 2 Mini Booms. Any advice?

The WireCutter thinks these are the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy:

I’d go with one (or if you can afford it, two) UE Booms. I’ve auditioned both (they are at Best Buy, Verizon, and I think Apple) and I found the UE Boom sound to be a lot fuller. Additionally, the Mini Boom is only front-firing while the sound from the UE Boom does go all around. I wouldn’t actually call it a full 360-degrees, like Logitech claims but it’s pretty darn close.

^ This

The little guy sounds really good for its size/price, but the boom is definitely better and has more power. Buy a boom now and wait until you can pick up another for less than $100. That’s what my plan was when I got the boom, but so far, don’t feel like I’m missing a thing by not having two and may end up never buying another

i thought about that for a long while and asked people and everyone said what i felt inside. 1x UE Boom.

Yup. I’m here because of the Wirecutter review; because of it I will probably end up buying one of these.

Can you just simply connect UE Boom 360 to a PC or MP3 player through a cord?

Wow, other colors are selling out…
…finally ordered mine!

Yes, the specs say

“3.5 mm audio output” is your basic mini stereo headphone jack, which you can see on the back photo of the speaker. Same type as on an MP3 player. Cable is less than $3 on monoprice.com

I bought the UE Boom for a mobile conference call solution–it works great. The microphone pickup is the best I found (I also tried Jawbone mini Jambox, and UE mini-boom).

Great sound, too.

I scored a MiniBoom at Christmas for $50 from one of e big box electronic stores. It’s a fantastic speaker. We use it when we travel; it’s really portable. We just got back from a week staying in a condo and used the speaker daily to listen to Pandora. It does a nice job filling the room with sound. It’s more than enough sound if you’re in a hotel room.

Bettery life is really good. It’ll gohours without an issue. It comes with a charger, but you may be able to use another micro USB; I haven’t tried that.

Small size too. Easily fits in a carryon.

Sooo… 15 days later and still no product and no tracking information. Did everyone else who ordered get their UE mini boom and receive tracking numbers?

I’m sorry for the delay. If you haven’t already, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

In the meantime, I’ll check things from this end as well.