Logitech ClearChat Premium PC Headset

These are not cutting edge, but they still work. Great price.

in for 2! 2 game machines

According to reviews, this is a piece of junk.
So if you purchase this, not only are you getting a piece of junk, you’re getting a refurbished piece of junk.

Got 1 too :slight_smile:

Just finally got a chance to try to use these. They don’t work. Feel pretty cheated. The very first thing I’ve ever wooted besides t-shirts and it doesn’t even work. The headphones work fine, but the mic, the part that I bought the stupid thing for doesn’t work at all. Sure it’s covered under the 90 warranty but there’s no way I’m shipping this back on my own expense. Total bull.

I am disappoint, Woot. I am disappoint.