Logitech ClearChat Style Headset

Believe it or not these actually work pretty well.


Horray, crap!


Amazon good ratings

Now I wish I’d tried out one of the three I bought from sellout, then I could review this.

My woot-off lights aren’t flashing in firefox now. Boo.

well… someone in Florida is buying…

I have had a set of these for a few years, and they work great. Will probably pick up a couple more at this price.

head lice from refurbished headphone ships free!

Ewwwww, refurb headset, no telling where that head has been.

would this work in cell phones? the ones with a 3.5mm headphone jack that is.

What huh I cant hear you!

lol i just bought two one for my skype calls upstairs at work and another one to replace my xbox live headphones that are falling apart

Might just be in for one.

My bro recently had the mic on his headset die, so if I buy him a cheap one, maybe he’ll stop bugging me about it.

My kids break my xbox headsets all the time so this is great, 3 sets for less than the price of one set.

Refurbed? Are they checked for lice?

Can I use this with my evo?

Pandering to the telemarketers I see…