Logitech Cordless Action Controller for PlayStation2 – 2 Pack

Da prices…
SecretPrices $22.44 x 2 = $44.88 - 10% off = $40.40

PriceGrabber $28.69 x 2 = $57.38

Froogle $24.95 x 2 = $49.90

MSN Shopping… lowest $17 each

BIzRate… lowest $27 each

Shopzilla… lowest $11 each OOOoooh… that’s pretty close.

Obviously SHopzilla’s best in comparison. Actually, they have a lot of refurbs for between $11 and $15. So check that out incase anyone actually wants this thing… personally, i’m not down with refurbs when it comes to my baby (the ps2, that is).

Didn’t this sell about 2 months ago?

Junk!!! Wireless

Well, Woot… I think Im gonna pass on this one. I havent played m PS2 for over 6 months now. Thanks anyways.

I have 2 of these, work pretty well

ahhh… it’s 1998!!

Got these during the last woot off. Good Deal if you ask me and they work without a hitch. Good Deal.

do you get 2 or 4?

Sweet, BTW these work amazing!

Just got these from the woot-off…work beautifully, a good buy. Seriously Woot…you just had these on!

Is this the 2 for Tuesday that won’t sell out? I can’t imagine anyone who has a PS/2 at this point needs more controllers for it…

Odd woot.

What is this garbage? Who even uses PS2’s anymore?

Good deal. I got in on this when they had it in the Woot-Off a few weeks ago.

Going to bed…not a great deal! I bought mine for $12.99 each & free shipping NEW!

got 2 during last woot off stayed up so why not great price for these.

I have this same pair except for the xbox, they work great, battery life is also real good. I was suprised at the nice heavy feel they had, makes pistol whipping my all those who oppose me even more enjoyable. lol

JOY! i was pissed when i missed these in the woot off. now i have redemed myself… socom i can now play you from my recliner!

joy is me!

These are definately worth it.

I’ve had one of these for around a month now. I paid $25 for it alone.

The range is excellent (I can get it to work from the other side of the trailer!), and it’s a great product, I’d recommend it to everyone.