Logitech Cordless Headset for Xbox - 2 Pack



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Logitech Cordless Headset for Xbox - 2 Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New, Retail
product(s): 2 Logitech Cordless Headphone for Xbox 980363-0403


Prices for just one…



Prices are before shipping. You can do the math to figure out if it is a good Woot!


This one’s tougher to check for me. Usually the sites have it all together and it tells me how many stores there are, etc. But this one, i actually gotta count myself on a few and find the low price. Annoying, but i make the sacrafice for the woot community. Here’s my linkage.

MSN Shopping… $28.50 lowest… 19 sites

Shopzilla… $29 lowest… 13 sites

Nextag… $35 lowest… 6 stores

BizRate… $35 lowest… 9 sites

Product got a 8.5 from CNet Editors… holler… must be rad… … p.s. obviously this price is for just one. Based on the cnet rating and the price difference, if you’re an xboxer you should get this… even if you don’t know why you would want it, just get it, cuz its probably so cool that once you have it, you’ll never know why you didn’t get it sooner. Maybe… i don’t know for sure since i don’t play video games.


Ahhhh great woot, but not compatible with Xbox 360. I’ve seen these for $40 each.


360 compatible???


HUH??? Can I sue it for my cell phone? LOL


XBox sucks!!! And so does this sucky item! My buddy these and they crackle. Gross!! Waiting for PS3… Yes!!!


Do these work on the 360?


So, can these be hacked in any way to be used for things other than Xbox gaming?


Wow, great deal. This is the only way to use a headset if you have the logitech wireless gamepads. I have one and it works fine - no interference and minimal static. I’m hoping that they sell out before I justify buying 2 more when I already own one, and that is all I really need.


Here’s a review from CNET



admirable attempt, but lame.

headsets for a dying console? pshaw.


I’d like to know this too. My cellphone doesn’t have Bluetooth, so a stand-alone 2.5mm wireless headet for $10 would be a GODSEND!


Bought one of these off eBay for $40 - works fine, no cackle or distortion. My dog stepped on it a month after I bought it and broke the ear thing.

It is very light and takes some getting used to. Doesn’t get a good grip on the ear, but I’ll use this over the regular headset any day. Charges full in an hour or two. This is a great price for one new one, let alone two.


I’m on the fence for this one. Some one give me some info to send me one way or the other.


These seem like they would complement the Logitech Cordless Attack controllers from some weeks back. Do these two accessories work well together?


these are not easily xbox 360 enabled the transmitter unit only fits in an original xbox controller. but im sure you can mod it some how


Last one I got crackled in the earpiece, and the mic always was sending a signal, even when there was no noise…logitech had very good product support though. Gave me a new one without making me ship back the defective one.


Does NOT seem to be compatible with the Xbox 360 or else I would be all over it.

Cnet.nytimes.com link