Logitech Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse – 2 Pack


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Logitech Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse – 2 Pack
$25.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New, OEM
product(s): 2 Logitech Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse 931006-0403


Not a bad mouse at all, used to have one with my old Toshiba laptop. Not too much to say about it, though.


Ooooh! Good Woot. I have one of these and I adore it. Its a lovely size and fits neatly into my travel laptop bag. Couldn’t do without it!

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ooopsie… sorry for the multiple posts… slow woot tricked me… useful links are as follows…

BizRate Prices… some solid deals.

Shopzilla Prices… some nice deals.

MSN Shopping Prices… some decent deals.

Also, this baby got 4.5 stars on amazon from 30 reviews. so it must be pretty dang radical.

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I have one of these (in blue), used it for the past 1 1/2 years with my laptop.

It’s a bit smaller than I’d like for my hand, but it’s reliable, and easy on batteries. For on the road use, it does the trick.

Looks like a good deal to me if you need two of 'em! Woot!


Too bad I already have one of these. They work great. I even did a review on them almost 2 yrs ago on my buddies web site http://www.bigbruin.com/html/notebookmouse.htm (And yea, I’m an admin on the site)


This is a really good price, but I like Microsoft’s mouse better.

Reason is that the usb receiver fits inside the bottom of the mouse. When you place the receiver in the mouse, it turns off the mouse and provides storage for the receiver.

What I see with this is that you have a receiver you may lose and you have to turn off the mouse manually.

A good thing about it though, is you can leave the receiver plugged in and just turn off the mouse!

Passing on this one…


I have one of these. Be sure to get some super-glue before these arrive because the reciever will break apart the first use (at least, in my case).


Needs batteries, no thanks


I have had these, and was pleased.

My one issue with them is that the receivers protruding from your laptop can easily get broken, and you cannot just buy a replacement receiver. This is a bigger issue if you REALLY move your laptop around a lot, and if your only USB ports are on the back.



I have this exact model.

Truly EXCELLENT product. Very very very long range (I’ve used it frequently up to 20 feet away, with no signal degradation), connects quickly, long battery life.

Mine came with a little foam case as well.

Highly recommended. This price is typically for one of them.

Among the best cordless mice out there, and I’ve tried quite a few.


Prices for single mouse
SecretPrices - Similiar Models … $18+
Froogle … $18+


jes-2 really wants to get his point across :wink: . The description was pretty funny.


Don’t really need 2 of them and not found of using the batteries. I’ll think about it for a while.


Someone who owns one of these please tell me… Is it REALLY worth it to have one of these and need to change the battery all the time instead of just getting one of those laptop mice with the retractable cord and not needing batteries but having to deal with a cord instead? I always avoid these b/c of the batteries… I was just wondering if people felt it was worth it…

That said… you can get the same price on ebay and you only have to buy one… Always check ebay… that’s what my grandpa used to say.


I had one of these about a year ago the RF receiver eventually broke off the USB connector with normal use. It also used to disconnect spontaneously meaning I had to reconnect. Other than that it was an excellent mouse, very fast, responsive and the batteries lasted a long time. I also had paid almost twice this Woot price for just one.


I’m sticking with my mighty mouse for my Mac. This woot mouse only has the vertical scroll wheel on it.

I had my scroll wheel stop working yesterday becuase it got full of junk. Was able to clean it out. One does not realize how useful the horizontal scroll wheel (really the “any direction” scroll ball, including diagonals) is until one does not have it anymore…

That said, this seems to be a good woot for those who want it…


If it were Bluetooth I might have jumped on it. But I will pass on the dongle.


Three Blind Mice…