Logitech CordlessWave Keyboard & Mouse Combo

There’s the crappy mouse/keyboard we have all been waiting for.

This is the exact keyboard that I’m currently using. Ive since upgraded the mouse to a razer naga, but still a darn nice keyboard.

We? Speak for yourself comrad. I’m looking for the bag o cosmos!

I’m looking for a back-lit keyboard. I hope something comes up!

Batteries required. NoThankYouVeryMuch.

any idea how long that usb cable is??

Yah thats 3pm-6pm in the afternoon so keep looking.

Using this exact one right now! Love it! I would recommend.

Who doesn’t have a laptop? I havent used a desktop machine in about 5 years…

This cordless keyboard/mouse set will go perfectly with my computerless desktop.

Honestly I was looking for crappier, or at least bluetooth if I’m going to spend more, so I’d at least have the dongle when the keyboard breaks.

u can buy a new one for 34.99

Coupon code “logi_cdw_3811” cuts it to $34.99.


Says who? I got my last BOC at 1am-ish.

How is the naga? It looks awesome, but I could use the macro buttons for…stuff, not WoW.

shifty eyes

Keep your crappy to yourself, that’s a kickin’ mouse and keyboard combo for the money. I used one for a long time before getting a Microsoft ergo board. Then it died because I foolishly spilled water on it. Sigh. Been using a $10 Logitech keyboard ever since.

Needless to say, in for one. And glad that it will play nice with my Logitech MX Revo mouse, wireless Microsoft keyboard + wireless Logitech mouse was not a happy combination.

this is a god awful keyboard and mouse combo. save your money.

I’ve been using this keyboard for about a year. Battery life is superb–response is great. The mouse…ehhh…not so great. It’s fine for every day tasks but you’d never want to use it to game. The range on the keyboard is about 5 feet for me on average. However, the USB adater cable lets you put the reciever waaay far away from the computer which helps the range another 5 feet or so.

what is a bag o cosmos?