Logitech Desktop Bundle w/ Keyboard, Mouse, Webcam and Headset


[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/Logitech_Desktop_Bundle_w-2f_Keyboard-2c_Mouse-2c_Webcam_and_Headset-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft] Logitech Desktop Bundle w/ Keyboard, Mouse, Webcam and Headset -
Thursday, December 29, 2005
Item qty: 1000,
Last Order: 12:21 AM CST,
Wooter to blame: rubiahl
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ugh too bad i just bought a mousE!!


Wow, nice deal!


great woot! out of money though

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Although after looking its getting some poor reviews average customer rating 2.0 of 5. It looks like problems form after 3 months

When I got the lx300 from logitech it was working great especially with games. Three months later it started to lag constitally. I called logitech and told me to try all these ideas and not one of them worked. I am very disatisfied with the product and company.

Three months seems to be the magic number of death for the LX 300. I experienced two desktop failures after they’d been in use for that length of time. I know fruitflies that have lasted longer than this. Pathetic.


Nice woot. not for me though. Oh well, will keep on tryin… too bad i got a logitech g15 led backlit keyboard for xmas…

Keyboard & mouse - $10 - Froogle

Review From TigerDirect.com - Pretty good keyboard and mouse combo, im using win98se and works like a charm on my p3… some lag during very heavy pc load, but doesn’t use too much cpu regularily… keyboard customization is TOP NOTCH! i configured to work with winamp and firefox. only con is the software to program the keyboard crashes on me sometimes when changing button config and forces restart.

Webcam - $9.99 - Froogle

couldnt find a review

Headset - about $15 - Froogle

Review from NewEgg.com - I bought these from a certain blue and yellow retail outlet also (big mistake). I compared the sound quality of these to my sony in-ear bud, and they are terrible. Very little bass and a tinny weak sound. I was very disappointed. But I decided to keep them anyway, because I used them for TS and people said my voice sounded pretty good. The mic is decent on these. However, after playing for a couple hours with these on, my ears start to get very sore, and it doesnt seem to matter how I adjust them. So I’ve decided to return them after all. What the other reviewers say is true, they are poorly designed (ergonomically) and have low quality sound. These might fit you ok, but your taking a big risk to find out. They really start to hurt after an hour or two.

Total = $35 without shipping…

Winner = w00t


Looks good guys! might be in on this.


It looks like a really great Woot, but I just bought a new Logitech keyboard and I’m still using that MX1000 :smiley: although the webcam and headset would be a great addition.

Maybe if I had more cash :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope they cleaned out the earwax!


Wow, not bad, I think I’m in for one of these!


The I want one is over the discussion button, already a set like that. Good quality, thanks but no thanks woot.


that’s cheap!


Awesome Deal!!!


I wonder if the webcam is any good


Awesome deal WOOT!!! But, I just bought a brand new Dell that came with all that except the webcam… NICE WOOT!!! Plus I am broke after Christmas! :frowning:

 ** "How much wood could a WOOTCHUCK chuck, if a WOOTCHUCK could chuck wood?"**


This is a great WOOT!


Doesn’t this look familiar?


Not a bad deal!


now were talkin


oh well… i don’t need it… good deal though… night wooters!!!